The Lifeform Ecosystem

Lifeform is supporting the creation of an entire ecosystem around decentralized identification and virtual human avatars. The strength of Lifeform is its ability to help weave together an entire ecosystem of DAPPs, metaverse worlds, GameFi, and social apps. This ecosystem has already started expanding with incubation projects that leverage Lifeform’s technology and marketing network to promote virtual human avatars.

As the ecosystem grows, the value of the virtual human avatars increases which in turn can support the growth of the ecosystem to bring in more users. In this way, a positive feedback look is created that can help expand the utility of the virtual human avatars and their decentralized identification system.

Lifeform has already begun expanding our ecosystem by incubating high-quality projects with both technical and marketing support. The ecosystem incubatees can launch their own virtual human avatars, enable decentralized identification, and grow their marketing base with the support of Lifeform.

To date, Lifeform has already lead our incubated projects to the top of the NFT sales charts at both OpenSea and Binanace NFT Marketplace, the top two NFT sales platforms. As the ecosystem continues to expand, Lifeform will be able to further support our partners to help bring additional value and utility to the projects.

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