The Vision


We are witnessing the rapid expansion of the web3 ecosystem to include a myriad of applications covering a wide range of use cases including work, social, and entertainment, and finance. One of the most promising areas enabled by the disruptive technologies will be the metaverse, in which friends, family, and new acquaintances will be able to join each other to work, play, and socialize. We see that the web2 era username and password identity regime as grossly inadequate to support such dynamic and immersive experiences. We envision that billions of users rely on animated virtual human avatars that not only act as their login credentials to all applications but also show their personalities in interactions, in both the web2 and web3 worlds. We also envision the web3 stage of the internet being a network of carrying and exchanging personal values, in which identity, NFT, and DeFi are all intertwined. We see DID solutions for consumers, organizations, and developers playing a critical role on such a stage.

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