Executive Summary

Lifeform is a leading web3 ecosystem project where people can create hyper-realistic 3D virtual human avatars easily with advanced Lifeform DID solution that enable them to use NFTs as digital identities which could log in to any DAPP and metaverse world.

Our vision is bringing in the next billion users to the web3 space. Towards these ends, the Lifeform avatars are not only an useful login tool for accessing web3, but they also can be used across traditional web2 social apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, TikTok, and any other video-sharing app. Users can use their avatars to join video meetings, attend online conferences, or attend virtual event. Your avatars will mimic your motions using our one-click plugin.

The Lifeform Virtual Human Editor tool is the first Virtual DID solution with Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) integration, the leading development platform for triple-A games and special effects in blockbuster movies. For everyday users, the virtual human editor allows them to create hyper-realistic virtual avatars with over 10 Billion combinations of facial and body details. Despite being incredibly powerful, the tool is simple to use so that anyone can create their avatar.

In addition to customizing the body and face of your avatar, the Lifeform platform offers a wide variety of outfits and accessories. These outfits and accessories are all consumer-generated content and can be created as a promotion, for example, bringing Adidas shoes or a t-shirt for the latest Avengers movie.

The virtual human avatars are saved as cross-blockchain NFTs that store your decentralized identification information in a secure and private manner. This gives users ownership over their login credentials so that you can access the world of web3 without worrying about being censored or removed as was the case in the web2 era.

Lifeform has already been expanding rapidly with funding from web3 leaders such as Binance Labs, launched leading NFT sales across OpenSea and Binance NFT Marketplace, and the powerful yet simple to use virtual human avatar creation tool has already been used to create some of the most realistic avatars around.

Lifeform is creating the next wave of web3 technology.

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